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Empowering patients with tailored treatment solutions for comprehensive complex infection eradication
Experience unparalleled accuracy and patient-specific treatment options with our innovative hybrid PCR + Culture methodology
Expert guidance at your fingertips, just call the Results Interpretation Hotline: (800) 864-9204 x 209
Leading industry technology that allows you to treat the whole infection the first time while improving cost & outcomes
Our team of seasoned, accessible, and friendly professionals brings a wealth of expertise to ensure precision and quality in every test.

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Clarity Lab Solutions: Your Gateway to Precision Molecular Testing in Key Specialties

Why Clarity?

Clarity is not your ordinary PCR laboratory; we are pioneers in redefining patient outcomes through our unique hybrid PCR + Culture methodology. Our comprehensive approach which includes PCR for precise pathogen identification & resistance gene detection combined with culture for additional growth identification & confirmation of organism viability sets us apart from traditional testing methods. In addition to organism ID, we also provide the unique advantage of antibiotic susceptibility testing within a pooled environment. Specimens are processed by mimicking an “in vivo” environment, more closely replicating what happens in the body with a polymicrobial infection. Certain pairs of organisms, when present, share nutrients & strength, building antibiotic resistance. These interactions can change susceptibility patterns and isolation methods do not account for bacterial interaction.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Fast Patient Specific Results in 24-48 hours

Solutions for Complex UTI, Wound, ENT, Respiratory & COVID

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