Streamlining the Care Pathway for Patients

In a value-based care model, patient experience is paramount. This goes beyond the quality of treatment to encompass ancillary services, with clinical laboratories playing a crucial role. Superior quality laboratory services are instrumental in facilitating evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, contributing to better patient outcomes, patient-centered care, and reduced healthcare expenditure. Recent studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between innovative laboratory services, such as those provided by Clarity Lab Solutions, and a decrease in hospital readmissions – a significant concern in the U.S. healthcare landscape.

Clarity Lab Solutions, a CMS and CLIA-accredited lab founded in 2016, stands as a beacon of innovation in the clinical laboratory services sector. Specializing in molecular syndromic panel tests with fast turnaround times and local concierge services within one hour of the lab, the lab focuses on viral, bacterial, and fungal infections in key categories – UTI, wounds, ENT specimens, and respiratory infections.

At its core, Clarity Lab Solutions is a CMS and CLIA-accredited lab offering an array of molecular tests, fast turnaround times, and local concierge services. Since its inception in 2016, Clarity Lab Solutions has been a leader in the clinical-lab space, offering specialty molecular testing in viral, bacterial, fungal infections. They specialize in testing four key categories of infectious diseases, including wounds, ENT specimens, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and respiratory infections. The company also offers a diverse range of other smaller tests and panels.

At the forefront of Clarity Lab Solutions’ competitive edge lies its unique antibiotic sensitivity and susceptibility testing capabilities. The lab employs a pooled sensitivity testing platform, mimicking an in-vivo environment that facilitates patient specific antibiotic options, enabling healthcare providers to enhance the treatment of complex infections. From reducing admissions and readmissions to providing actionable drug insights for wound healing, sinus infections, and UTIs, Clarity Lab Solutions is revolutionizing the specialty molecular testing landscape.

The combination of phenotypic sensitivity and PCR identification capabilities enables Clarity Lab Solutions to deliver test results within 24-48 hours, a significant improvement compared to traditional methods that may take 5-7 days or longer. Recent studies indicate a nearly 14 percent reduction in hospitalization in the outpatient urology setting through polymicrobial susceptibility combined with PCR identification of pathogens.

Beyond technical excellence, Clarity Lab Solutions distinguishes itself with a white-glove service approach, providing premium, prompt, and tailored services. The clinical management, attuned to the dynamic healthcare environment, ensures attention to detail and client satisfaction. All tests are custom-designed in collaboration with leading physicians and microbiologists, reflecting Clarity Lab Solutions’ commitment to addressing evolving healthcare needs.

As a nimble clinical laboratory, Clarity Lab Solutions actively collaborates with top physician groups to design testing solutions, staying aligned with the ever-evolving healthcare industry and regulatory landscape. The labs innovative approach positions it as a key player in delivering advanced and tailored clinical solutions, meeting the dynamic demands of the healthcare sector.