Streamlining the Care Pathway for Patients

In a value-based care model, patient experience takes prime priority. It’s an element that extends beyond just the quality of treatment and encompasses various ancillary services, including the value provided by clinical laboratories. Needless to say, superior quality laboratory service plays a substantial role in helping clinicians make evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. It also helps the healthcare community ensure better patient outcomes, deliver more patient-centered care, and reduce healthcare expenditure. Recent studies have found a direct correlation between innovative laboratory services and reduced hospital readmissions—a major issue in the U.S. healthcare space.

Established to assist healthcare providers in their pursuit of diagnostic and therapeutic excellence is Clarity Lab Solutions, a high-complexity clinical laboratory that spearheads innovation in the laboratory services space.

At its core, Clarity Lab Solutions is a CMS and CLIA-accredited lab offering an array of molecular tests, fast turnaround times, and local concierge services. Since its inception in 2016, Clarity Lab Solutions has been a leader in the clinical-lab space, offering specialty molecular testing in viral, bacterial, fungal infections. They specialize in testing four key categories of infectious diseases, including wounds, ENT specimens, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and respiratory infections. The company also offers a diverse range of other smaller tests and panels.

Clarity Lab Solutions’ competitive edge in the specialty molecular testing space is the result of its unique antibiotic sensitivity and susceptibility testing capabilities. The company has developed a proprietary sensitivity testing platform ideal for antibiotic prescription and antibiotic recommendation to healthcare providers, allowing them to improve the treatment of complicated and advanced-stage infections. From minimizing admissions and readmissions to pinpointing actionable drugs to heal wounds, sinonasal infections, and UTIs, Clarity Lab Solutions’ offering is building a world of difference in the specialty molecular testing ecosystem.

“Our technology allows us to quickly identify biofilm while also empowering us to recommend the best treatment pathway for polymicrobial infections,” says Daniel Leger, President and Co-Founder of Clarity Lab Solutions.

Clarity Lab Solutions achieves this feat with its unique hybrid test methodology. Its platform utilizes reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) technology to detect the pathogen from the specimen rapidly. On the sensitivity testing side, Clarity Lab Solutions offers a phenotypic sensitivity assay that ensures a quicker turnaround and treatment guidelines for are eradicating treatment guidelines compared to more traditional methods. This allows pathologists to inform physicians about the ideal means to eradicate the entire aerobic biofilm of the infection.

The unique combination of phenotypic sensitivity and PCR identification capabilities enables Clarity Lab Solutions to provide tests results within 24 to 36 hours, as opposed to traditional methods that could take five to seven days or longer. A recent study states that polymicrobial susceptibility, combined with PCR identification of pathogens, shows an almost 14 percent reduction in hospitalization in the outpatient urology setting.

Besides its technical excellence, Clarity Lab Solutions is also sought after for its white-glove service approach, where it always strives to deliver premium, prompt, and tailor-made services to clients with acute attention to detail. This is attributed to its team of clinical management experts who understand the ever-changing environment that practitioners face on a daily basis.

“All our tests are designed in collaboration with leading physicians and microbiologists. Our tests are not cookie-cutter assays available off the shelf; they are custom-designed to meet the growing needs in the healthcare industry,” states Leger.

Clarity Lab Solutions works directly with top physician groups in the U.S. and globally to design its testing solutions. For example, the company’s ENT pathogen panel is developed in collaboration with a large ENT group and their board of Physicians. As a nimble clinical laboratory, Clarity Lab Solutions is always looking forward to extensively collaborating with its clientele, ensuring that its products best suit their clinical needs of today and the future. The company strives to stay relevant and competitive in the laboratory services space by keeping its innovations at par with the ever-evolving healthcare industry and regulatory requirements.