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Thank you for considering Clarity Lab Solutions. We are here to help you and your practice Support Better Outcomes.

Clarity Lab Solutions, LLC is a high complexity clinical laboratory located in Boca Raton, Florida that is focused on specialty syndromic panel PCR + Culture testing. By integrating our services, providers not only elevate the standard of care they provide, but also position themselves at the forefront of healthcare innovation. They can also be confident in our advanced molecular diagnostics services, which are designed to deliver superior precision, reliability, and comprehensive analysis. Our team of experts and molecular solutions specialists are always available to discuss test results and provide guidance on interpreting and utilizing the information effectively.

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We Support Better Outcomes™

Our Mission

As dedicated professionals, we employ advanced technology to deliver innovative diagnostic testing results quickly and with the highest accuracy.

Our Vision

We provide a superior service to the medical community to help save limbs, save lives, and drive better outcomes for everyone.

Our Values

Communicating and acting truthfully

Embracing empathy as a guide governing our decisions and actions

Pursuit of Continuous Improvement
Relentlessly seeking to enhance ourselves and our business to support better outcomes

Our Competitive Advantage

Our Methodology for Addressing Bacterial Biofilms: We employ PCR for pathogen identification and resistance gene detection, a common practice among labs. However, we distinguish ourselves by incorporating traditional culture growth. This enables us to offer comprehensive antibiotic sensitivity testing, essential for tailored treatment plans. Moreover, our pooled testing approach accounts for bacterial interactions, ensuring accurate results. Unlike isolated culture methods, our approach is particularly effective for polymicrobial infections, where biofilm presence increases bacterial resistance to antibiotics.


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