Wound Pathogen Testing

Wound Pathogen Testing Designed in Collaboration with Physicians, Pharmacists, and Microbiologists.

The Clarity Lab Solutions Wound Testing uses advanced biofilm diagnostic methods that allow for complex pathogen identification and result in improved wound healing rates. A menu of 24 phenotypic antibiotics and four genotypic resistance genes are used to determine the best and the most effective method of treatment for patients.

Clarity Wound Testing promotes antibiotic stewardship by helping reduce antibiotic resistance and decreasing the spread of infections that are caused by multi-drug resistant organisms.

Testing Benefits

Simultaneously identifies 39 Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens from a single swab.

Ability to report polymicrobial treatment guidance using our proprietary antimicrobial susceptibility methods.

Results provided within a 24-28 hour window – both identification and susceptibility.

Supports better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Clarity Lab Solutions uses the most advanced pathogen detection methods — changing the gold standard in wound cultures.

Traditional culture may take up to 6 weeks to report fungal pathogens while the Clarity Lab Solutions Wound Panel can detect fungus immediately.

Our wound testing methods allow identification of pathogens and sensitivity much faster than traditional microbiology, allowing the physician to begin early treatment with the correct antibiotic.