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Streamlining the Care Pathway for Patients

In a value-based care model, patient experience takes prime priority. It’s an element that extends beyond just the quality of treatment and encompasses various ancillary services, including the value provided by clinical laboratories.

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Clarity’s Culture

You’ve got something wrong, and you can’t figure out what it is. Then you go to your doctor, who runs a couple of tests, one of which requires a laboratory analysis. And because you don’t feel well, the sooner your physician gets your results, the quicker you can get well. Which laboratory do you want your test sent to?

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The World of Biofilms

Approximately 80% of chronic and recurrent microbial infections in the human body are due to bacterial biofilm. Microbial cells within biofilms have shown 10–1000 times more antibiotics resistance than the planktonic cells.

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