UTI Testing

Collaboratively Developed Urine Pathogen Testing: A Partnership with Physicians, Pharmacists, and Microbiologists

Clarity Lab Solutions employs cutting-edge pathogen detection methods, revolutionizing the standard for urine cultures. Our comprehensive approach utilizes a panel of 19 known causative targets, a menu of 19 phenotypic antibiotics, and identifies 4 genotypic resistance genes to provide the most effective patient specific treatment options for patients.

Our UTI testing at Clarity goes beyond conventional practices, demonstrating the capability to detect and offer patient specific treatment guidance for biofilm infections.

Testing Benefits

Simultaneously identifies 19 Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens from a single urine sample

Patient specific treatment guidance using our proprietary “Pooled” Antibiotic Susceptibility testing method

Results within 24-48 hours – Identification, Resistance Gene Detection, Halo Test, and Antibiotic Susceptibility

We Support Better Outcomes™

Our UTI testing methods provide rapid pathogen identification and sensitivity analysis, outpacing traditional microbiological techniques for quicker results.