RespiCheck Testing Panels

Tailored Pathogen Profiling: Choose Test Panels Aligned with Your Patients' Unique Requirements.

Unlock the power of cutting-edge pathogen detection with Clarity Lab Solutions’ Respiratory Panel Testing, designed to address a broader spectrum of respiratory pathogens simultaneously. RespiCheck specifically identifies influenza viruses, non-influenza viruses, Coronaviruses, and bacterial targets associated with respiratory tract infections. 

Benefit from swift turnaround times and precise multi-target identification, empowering healthcare providers to promptly and accurately initiate treatment. This capability holds the potential to mitigate the severity and duration of infections, ensuring optimal patient care.

Testing Benefits

Flexible Testing Solutions: Choose from our RespiCheck panels featuring two viral, one bacterial, and one flu/RSV panel, along with the option to include a COVID-19 test for comprehensive respiratory testing tailored to your patient’s needs

Provides an accurate, reliable platform for identification of a broad range of common and opportunistic respiratory pathogens

24 hour turnaround time for results

The RespiCheck testing options allows for a fully customized patient experience

We Support Better Outcomes™

The sensitivity of molecular testing is far superior to conventional screening methods because we utilize PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology that allows small quantities of nucleic acid to be amplified into detectable levels

Due to the limitations of screening tests, negative and positive flu screens alike should be verified and differentiated by molecular testing

Co-infections are a growing concern that require broad and effective pathogen detection

Upper and lower respiratory tract infections are caused by a broad range of microbes and yet are often symptomatically similar, so quick identification is key to successful treatment

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