RespiCheck Testing Series

Customize Your Individual Test Panels with Pathogens Specific to your Patient’s Needs

Clarity Lab Solutions uses the most advanced pathogen detection methods to target even more respiratory pathogens at once. RespiCheck pinpoints influenza viruses, non-influenza viruses, Coronaviruses, and bacterial targets that are responsible for respiratory tract infections.

Fast turnaround times and multi-target identification allows the healthcare provider to administer treatment quickly and accurately, potentially reducing the severity and duration of the infection.

Testing Benefits

The RespiCheck line has 4 individual panels with 5-7 targets each, so providers can choose
which panels to run for their patients.

Provides an accurate, reliable platform for identification of a broad range of common and opportunistic respiratory pathogens.

24 hour turnaround time for results.

The RespiCheck testing series allows for a fully customized patient experience, with 15 different panel combinations.

Supports better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The sensitivity of molecular testing is far superior to conventional screening methods because we utilize PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology that allows small quantities of nucleic acid to be amplified into detectable levels.

Due to the limitations of screening tests, negative and positive flu screens alike should be verified and differentiated by molecular testing.

Co-infections are a growing concern that require broad and effective pathogen detection.

Upper and lower respiratory tract infections are caused by a broad range of microbes and yet are often symptomatically similar. Quick identification is key to successful treatment.

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