Clarity’s Culture

You’ve got something wrong, and you can’t figure out what it is. Then you go to your doctor, who runs a couple of tests, one of which requires a laboratory analysis. And because you don’t feel well, the sooner your physician gets your results, the quicker you can get well. Which laboratory do you want your test sent to? Certainly, you want one where everyone is not only competent, but committed to supporting better outcomes. That is Clarity’s purpose.

Our employees are vital to fulfilling our vision. What that means is we are committed to creating an environment where our employees at Clarity know that their work is important, valuable, and meaningful. We decided that we needed to invest in an overall understanding of our culture and what we could do to ensure that it was suitable for pursuing our purpose. In the Spring of 2021, we began an extensive process called The Compelling Journey™ so that we could create the architecture to improve our culture. As a team, our senior leaders reviewed and revised our Mission, Vision, and Values. We established a series of Strategic Pillars designed to reinforce our purpose: to support better outcomes.

In an effort to better understand our culture, we initiated an assessment to form a baseline so that we could understand both what we wanted it to be and where we are currently. What did we learn? Although it was better than average, we gained important insights into what we could do better to create a flow for our team which will produce better outcomes.

We realized that the leaders at Clarity have a big impact on the culture. In fact, since leadership is usually responsible for a 30-40% variance in an organization’s culture, we asked our leaders to understand their impact on the people working on their teams. We used a set of survey tools that connected directly to our culture measurement. It is not surprising, then, that the leaders received some eye-opening information on ways that they could lead better. We remain committed to improving as leaders to better our culture. As a result, our leadership team meets monthly to work on our leadership skills as a team.

Changing behaviors results in a more dynamic culture. Even though it takes time for those changes to become habits, we recognize that it starts with us and as we continue to work on our skills, we are extending the program to our managers and others within Clarity.

Our people and the way they employ our technology are what distinguishes Clarity in the marketplace. They deserve our best as leaders so that we can expect their best as we strive to support better outcomes for the people and families that benefit from our unique laboratory tests. Establishing and maintaining a constructive culture lies at the base of everything that we do every day. Our employees deserve nothing less. We hope that you will follow us here as we continue on our Compelling Journey™.